Poor Processes

PayPal Automated Pushback

I’ve been a PayPal member for so long that I can actually remember when Neteller and FirePay seemed like viable competitors.  PayPal has always done a pretty good job, but lately I’ve been a little underwhelmed.

It seems like now when you contact PayPal with a specific question, complete with detailed information, you get an automated email back that refers you to their FAQ.  Then they needle you a little, by telling you that you must reply to their automated email with a specific question if you want to get an actual reply.

Nowhere in their automated email is your original message to them, so you have to type it all again, or log in to your PayPal account to try to find the message you sent, but that’s something even I couldn’t locate.

PayPal quarterly profits regularly exceed $300 million.

paypal automated pushback