Great Design

Health Is Everything

I haven’t seen an ad this good in a while:

New CVS marketing campaign.  This was a "skyscraper" ad I saw recently.
New CVS marketing campaign.  This was a “skyscraper” ad I saw recently.

I think it’s a high caliber design because it’s simple and it exhibits integrity, or at least it presents itself as having integrity, which is probably close enough.  The truth is, it’s very difficult for a company to have this level of integrity.  Any design which puts that on display will tend to catch your eye and you will tend to remember it.

If you wanted to be a perfectionist, you would probably remove the ‘Learn More’ hyperlink at the very bottom.  It takes away while adding nothing.  Clicking on the ad itself should take you to the exact same destination.  Removing that text makes the ad more simple.